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Hi There!

I'm so happy you are here! I am back! I am offering my birth services again after a pause where I connected and stepped into my role as a parent with my own child after giving birth at home. I am happy to say that after this beautiful transition period I am stepping back into the sacred space and able to devote my time once again to birthing folks and their partners. Please reach out to me if you are interested in working with me, I would love to connect! 



My Philosophy

My philosophy in supporting birthing people is simple; support the birthing person in their choices, beliefs and rights. Within my capabilities I am able to provide meaningful physical and emotional care, evidence-based resources and support whenever requested. I believe birth to be a natural physiological event that any person regardless of body type or gender identity is capable of.


Being an inclusive birthworker to me means fully supporting ALL birthing people and always recognizing the hardships that birthing people face. I aim to uplift and support trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people so that they may empower themselves fully during gestation and birth. In addition I recognize my space and impact as a white birthworker in a world that ignores the rampant racial disparities of birth. Reproductive Justice is vital and essential to keeping birthing people and their babies alive.  

I offer support to all birthing folks in the following settings:



birth center



In hospital settings it is important that the birthing person is aware of the hospital policies regarding doulas and support people

you can expect the following from me:

virtual support

in-person support

support for you and your partner(s)

Having extra support during your birth can be extremely helpful not only to you, but to your partner(s)/who will be with you as well. I am able to connect with you and your partner(s) during the prenatal visits and have a formed relationship so when we are in the birth space there is a mutual understanding of all your wishes, choices and preferences. I work with you to help you understand your options, refer you resources, and envision your dream birth. I look forward to speaking with you to see if we are a mutual good fit! Contact me for a complimentary consult!

about jean

Jean Savage (she/her) is an inclusive birth worker and the founder of Gaia Rhythms, servicing the greater New York and Nothern New Jersey areas. Jean has a passion for being of service to all birthing people and to provide support, empathy and love to all.

Jean has taken training with a few different organizations and is a Certified Full Spectrum Birth Doula through Cornerstone Birth Trainings.  Jean seeks out to always continue her education through workshops, symposiums, various groups, networking and most of all attending births and entering sacred space. Jean maintains her CPR/First Aid certification for infants, children and adults.


In her personal life Jean is a mother to a magical toddler and is a renaissance being with love for the arts, sciences, music, dance and most of all, our planet Earth. Jean is an artist and a budding herbalist. 

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Training & Qualifications

Advanded Full Spectrum Doula Training 


Winter 2020-21

Homebirth for Doulas 

June 2020

ExpectingNYC Doulaship Program

October-December 2019

CAPPA Birth Doula Training
July 2019

DONA Birth Doula Training 

March 2019

Certified Full Spectrum Birth Doula 

Cornerstone Birth Trainings 

Recent Events as an Attendee
  • 2019 New Jersey Symposium for Physiologic Birth

  • NJ Maternal Health Day MSU

  • Black Walnut Botanical Conference - Workstudy Attendee 

  • Current Herbal Apprentice with Robin Rose Bennett

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